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Alexander McQueen - Jellyfish Ensemble, 2010

March 21, 2022

This week I spoke with Goldie Robinson, a k-12 art teacher from Georgia. She enlightened me about fashion and one of her favorite designers, Alexander McQueen. We discussed his piece, Jellyfish Ensemble which was part of a 2010 collection he created. 

His actual name is Lee Alexander McQueen. Some say he went by Alexander professionally because early on he was struggling financially and used his middle name so he could still claim unemployment benefits using his first name.

McQueen was interested in clothing from a young age and started off as a kid making dresses for his sisters. He left school at 16 and took a course in tailoring at Newham college. He apprenticed with Anderson and Sheppard (tailors in a posh area of London, Savile Row). After the tailoring apprenticeship, he got a job as a pattern cutter and he is gaining a reputation for impeccable tailored looks. He applied for a job as a pattern cutting mentor, but while he didn't get the job, they did recognize his talent and encouraged him to apply to the masters program as a student. After earning his MA in 1992, McQueen made a splash in the fashion world with his dramatic Jack the Ripper Stalks his Victims collection. He always had a flair for the dramatic but also impeccable craftsmanship and well tailored outfits. 

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