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Arthur Boyd - Nebuchadnezzar on Fire Falling over a Waterfall

April 4, 2022

This episode is about Arthur Boyd the Australian painter known for his use of symbols from mythology to express his philosophical views. The Boyd family is an artistic dynasty in Australia producing half a dozen prominent artists. The specific work we focused on here was his painting Nebuchadnezzar on Fire Falling over a Waterfall from 1966-68.

My guest this week was Matthew Bliss, an Australian teacher and podcaster. Matthew hosts Teacher Culture Cast, a podcast for and about teachers, as well as The Dead Drop, a video game podcast.

Here are the places where you can find Matthew and his work:

Twitter: @mattblisspod
Teaching Culture Cast podcast: Website  ||  Spotify  ||  Apple Podcasts
The Dead Drop (Video Game News): Website  ||  Spotify  ||  Apple Podcasts


As always you can find an image of the work on my website www.WhoARTedPodcast.com

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