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Fun Fact Friday - Killer Wallpaper (Encore)

March 4, 2022

This is an encore presentation of my fun fact Friday mini-episode on killer wallpaper. In one of the more strange but true stories from art history, there was a lovely synthetic green pigment called Scheele's green that became very popular in the victorian era. It was a bold and vivid emerald green produced from copper arsenite and unfortunately, the arsenic could leach out in damp conditions poisoning people in the process. 

This week is the start of my annual Arts Madness tournament. I would love to have as many people as possible join in the fun of judging a diverse collection of artists and works. Over 6 weeks, we will go from 64 great artists down to 1 ultimate Arts Madness champion. More information is on the Arts Madness page of my website.

Vote for your favorites in the Round 1 Matchups before March 5.

If you would like to support the show, I recently partnered with Ko-Fi to be able to accept donations to cover the costs of production. You can buy me a coffee at https://ko-fi.com/whoarted Because I do not want disruptive ads and I put nothing behind a paywall, listener donations are my only means of defraying the costs. I greatly appreciate your support.


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