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KAWS - The KAWS Album

March 14, 2022

This week's episode was about KAWS. I spoke with Rebecca Potts Aguirre about KAWS and two of his works. Rebecca Potts Aguirre hosts a wonderful podcast: Teaching Artist. She is a teaching artist herself with years of classroom experience and she is a wonderful practicing artist. Here are the links to her relevant content:





Clearly, she is doing tons of amazing things and I was happy she found the time to squeeze one more thing into her schedule and join me to talk about KAWS.


KAWS is a highly saught after contemporary artist. He got his start in graffiti as well as doing some freelance work on shows like Doug and Daria. Today his work is controversial at times but bright, colorful, pop art inspired with a contemporary twist that is undeniably fun. 

As always you can find images of the works we discussed at www.whoartedpocast.com

While you are at the website, cast your vote in this week's matchups for the Arts Madness tournament.

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