Who ARTed: Weekly Art History for All Ages

Season 3 Finale(ish) - Arts Madness Winner

April 11, 2022

This is sort of the finale for season 3. I will be taking a short break but will continue releasing episodes on my regular schedule. I will be running some encore presentations for a few weeks, but I will continue to release new mini-episodes so it won't be all re-runs. The Friday mini-episodes will largely focus on artworks from the AP Art History list as at this time of year a lot of students are working to prep for the test and I want to do my part to help provide them with resources to the extent that I can. 

After six weeks and thousands of votes cast, we have narrowed the field from 64 great artists to 1 ultimate Arts Madness champion. I read a few statements on why people chose this artist, followed by an encore presentation of the episode about this artist. Thank you all for participating in the tournament and I hope it helped you discover some new artists to inspire you. 

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